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Labor of Fire (2005)

Earthly Plenitudes (2010)

Humanity and the Enemy (2014)

Singularities at the Threshold (2020)



(Photo: Valle delle grandi pietre)

About Labor of Fire

"[T]his is an important book for three interrelated reasons: It reminds us of why Marx still matters. It probes for what might be the promise for humanity...and it highlights the centrality of labour to human freedom, creativity, and happiness." —Labour/Le Travail


About Earthly Plenitudes:

"Earthly Plenitudes is a deft study of sovereignty in its relationship to labor. It is a remarkably expansive work, weaving critiques of liberal philosophy with Nigerian literature, Calabrian idioms, St. Francis of Assisi, the Marx of the Grundrisse, the Belgian film La Promesse, Michael Moore’s Sicko, Jean Luc Nancy, and many other theorists, into an elegant text....[It is] especially rewarding for those who follow the text in its entirety and take seriously the author’s underlying ontology of labor." —Socialism and Democracy

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